What is this tool?

This tool provides a simple, quick, and effective way to understand how well you currently perform against your business competitiveness knowledge and skills, and identifying unknown strengths and weaknesses

How does it work?

You need to fill a survey to assess your competitiveness in each category. The platform provides detailed guidelines on how to rate your knowledge and skills, including a comprehensive description of technical terms used in the tool.

The four Competences of Competitiveness:

Strategic competence: To define which of all possible business opportunities the company will pursue and how the company will go about seizing those opportunities

Marketing and Sales competence: To engage in market transactions and take care of the operational aspects of reaching clients, closing profitable sales orders, defining a corporate identity, and setting up distribution channels.

Production competence: To produce and ship the offer envisioned in the business strategy

Resource management competence: To ensure the company has access to the necessary resources and makes an efficient use of them.

How will it help me and my business?

The tool will identify your strengths and weaknesses in 4 competences, and 18 capabilities, and suggest online courses to close your knowledge gap

Each one of the eighteen capabilities that builds the tool, would be rated in one of three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advance.

The final report includes online courses offered by SheTrades/ITC that would support you to close the competitiveness gap in each capability

Download the SheTrades Competitiveness Guidebook
Download the interactive SheTrades Competitiveness Map
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