Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face various difficulties when starting to export. These can range from issues with packaging, to obtaining customs clearance or proper logistics arrangement to transport shipments to their destination… all while also attempting to minimise risks and costs, and keeping customers happy! Needless to say, these difficulties can prove overwhelming for some small enterprises, and have led more than a few to make costly mistakes, or even pull out of the exporting business altogether.

This is where freight forwarders and customs brokers come in. In this module, we will look at their role and the ways in which they can help SMEs streamline their exporting processes and save valuable time and money in transporting their goods. In addition to laying out the precise roles and types of freight forwarders and customs brokers, the module will provide some tips for SMEs to choose a good freight forwarder, as well as a few case studies to illustrate the best ways in which their services can be put to use.

supply chain - logistics trade